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A UX design community in India on Slack, driven to spread awareness and help new UXers transition into the field and make a place for themselves. 1300+ members including user interface designers, user experience designers, engineers, and students from top companies & design schools in India have joined our UX design community.


Come join us in building the most engaging community on slack to learn and mentor in the field of UX Design, we want you to build and sustain our very own learning design culture.

What our members say about GSIUXD community

Get Started in UX Design is the most dynamic and vibrant community of Indian UXers. One can not only exchange knowledge on UX but also get mentorship and career guidance. It is an honour to be a part of this group.
Dhaval Gandhi

UX Designer & Mentor

It’s amazingly useful platform for sharing ideas, learning and interacting with UX professionals with a diverse background.
Mukesh Malviya

Product Designer

This is that comfortable space where I could find myself introspecting and refining my design rationales through healthy debates and discussions. You can find people for whom design is not just a profession but a lifestyle.
Antony Rishin

UX Designer

GSIUXD is a growing Indian UX community over Slack. I am an active member of this group since March 2015 and really learnt a lot of things from Experts. I would recommend everyone to join this group who really wants to make a career in the field of user experience design.
Kheema Pandey

UX Designer

Experiences & Wisdom from professionals under the wide umbrella of UX design, their opinions, advices & solutions makes this place uniquely valuable.
Shravanthi Reddy

UI & UX Designer

It’s a great feeling to see such a talented bunch of people around you with tons of experience behind them.
Harsha Kakkeri

Head of Design & Founder, DesignBoat

It’s a place where ux designers and leaders hangout together. In the lost world of ux out there, this community will keep you on track. Your questions won’t go unanswered. Your doubts won’t go unresolved.
Sanket Pathak

User Experience Designer

I remember when I saw Abinash’s post of LinkedIn that he is going to start a WhatsApp group for Indian UX community some months ago, I’m happy that it has moved to Slack now I have had many good conversations in Indian context about UX. I keep coming back to check Slack channel conversations multiple times in a day to see what’s cooking. I have not seen people in this group being disrespectful to any, I welcome to all Indian UXers in the group, share what you know and ask anything.
Jitendra Vyas

UX Engineer

Our Slack UX Design Community is for mentors, learners, and collaborators

You must have read tons of UX articles, blogs, and books. But what if you’re still confused about how to work on a live project as a UX designer such as where to start, how to start, what’s going to be your scope of work, how you will collaborate with rest of your project team, and what to deliver then look nowhere else. We provide UX education that’s 100% free.

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