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You can find UX design process, design sprint, etc. on Google. But, how about something that’s way difficult to find, think about it! If I ask you…

  • Do you know…What does a real persona look like?
  • Do you want to transform your career into the field of User Experience design?
  • When to select a particular user research method and how?
  • How to go about KPI aka Key Performance Indicators?
  • What’s the difference in between Information architects, Interaction designer, User Centered Designer, and User Experience Designer?
  • How to test and validate a product idea that will work for your end users?
  • Do you even know your end users, yet?
  • How about writing a compelling UX copy for a 404 page that still says, “Page Not Found.”
  • Are you still confused how to go about a UX project from scratch?
  • And the list goes on…

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